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This site is maintained by veterinary professionals who have made a commitment to anesthetic and pain management excellence. We want this site to be a centralized resource for our colleagues engaged in small animal private practice.

Our focus is on practical guidance; on clinical relevance; on the evidence informed perspective. Our goal is improved patient comfort and safety.

The VASG is about colleagues helping colleagues. We want to help anyone that has an interest in advancing veterinary anesthesia and pain management at the primary care level anywhere in the world.

We welcome suggestions at all times.

Dr. Bob Stein, VASG Founder & Executive Director



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You have gone WAY beyond strictly intellectual information about all aspects of analgesia and anesthesia and have distilled this mass of materials and combinations into something a DVM can actually use everyday in just about all situations. W. K., DVM
      Sew Your Own Warmer Blankets!
Thanks for an invaluable website.  There is no other resource in veterinary medicine, remotely as effective as the VASG.  I should have realized that you rely on contributions... I plan to make a yearly donation from now on.  Thanks again for the finest reference in veterinary medicine. J.C., DVM
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