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    Bain Blocks (Armstrong Arms)
    Dr. Bob Stein
    Noncircle systems like the stock Bain system are associated with a number of drawbacks. These drawbacks include the awkward delivery of positive pressure ventilation (PPV) including an uncertainty as to the actual pressures delivered during PPV, and difficulties collecting waste gases.

Adding a Bain Block (Armstrong Arm) rectifies these concerns. This ~$300 USD investment is money well spent. The Bain system attaches to the outlet to the left in the picture above.. The reservoir bag is located in a familiar vertical position with the pop-off just above. A pressure manometer is included. Adding a pop-off occlusion valve to the Bain Block completes a convenient and effective noncircle delivery system.

As a reminder, these are not non-rebreathing systems unless oxygen flow rates are high enough to make them so. Minimum oxygen flow rates are generally considered to be 200 to 250 ml/kg/min. Low oxygen flow rates will lead to significant, potentially fatal, rebreathing of exhaled gases.

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