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  Reverse PEEP
  Reverse PEEP Positive Pressure Relief Valve
  Dr. Bob Stein

Despite the fact that we may employ experienced anesthetist and despite the fact that we may employ pop-off occlusion valves on our machines, we remain very much human beings with the very real potential to err.

Normally, PEEP valves are confugured to maintain a defined level of positive system pressure )positive end expiratory pressure) which can be beneficial to a certain number of patients. When configured as shown above, as an attachment to a "T" adaptor within the anesthetic system, the PEEP valve allows gas to escape if pressures exceed the PEEP valve pressure rating.

You cannot create any harmful effect with this setup. It is mechanically impossible to place the PEEP valve on the "T" adaptor backwards but if you did, it would simply not provide the positive pressure relief that the setup was intended to provide; in other words, you are no worse off than you were without it.

To add reverse PEEP valves to your systems you need two inexpensive components: an adaptor "T" and a 20 cmH2O PEEP valve. Both components can be obtained through The total current cost for both components is under $30 USD.

  Parts Available Through Hallowell Engineering
Reverse PEEP


PEEP PN 242A1403

TEE PN 200A3707

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