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  Propoflo 28
  Propoflo 28® is Shipping in the US!
  April 16, 2011

Propofolo 28® is Propoflo® with the adition of the preservative, benzyl alcohol. Propoflo 28® has a 28 days shelf life as its name suggests which effectively eliminates the wastage not uncommonly seen with previous propofol products.

Shipment to distributors is taking place the week of April 18, 2001. US distributors are currently taking orders with expected final shipment to the end user in approximately 2 to 3 weeks. Cost will be ~$9.35 per 20 ml vial.

There are no current known reservations regarding the use of benzyl alcohol in cats as a single event induction agent or short term TIVA infusions but cats remain poor candidates for long term TIVA infusions as well as intermittent use over several days.

Longer term use in cats is associated with prolonged recoveries and Heinz body anemias.

    Alfaxan® is Shipping in the Canada!
    April 16, 2011

The superb induction/maintenance agent, Alfaxan® should be shipping in canada as this is typed. See your Canadian veterinary distributor for detaiuls.

For more alfaxalone details see our Practical Alfaxalone Guide.

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    Propoflo 28 Package Insert: click here
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