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I received a message earlier this year from a veterinarian doing some amazing work in an extremely challenging area of the world; Rwanda. Dr. Garbe is doing her best to help as many animals as she can in difficult circumstances. She has limited equipment and limited medical supplies but she has no limit to what she would like to do to help the animals and, in term, the people of Rwanda.

The fact is that there are many veterinary professionals trying to do really good work in really tough settings. They have already made a commitment to professional poverty. VASGGO believes that many veterinary professionals in more economically blessed settings would be more than willing and able to help these individuals if they only knew how. We want to facilitate the donations of functional anesthetic and pain management equipment as well as supplies, when legally able to do so, to our colleagues in these challenging settings.

Can you help? By doing so you would have the supreme satisfaction that you directly helped your colleagues as they work to improve patient care in economically challenged circumstances; you would be helping the animals and the people in these regions.

Please contact me if you would like to help by donating your time, your equipment, or by donating monetarily to this cause.


Bob Stein

VASG Executive Director

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