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Videos of Drugs & Effects


The anesthetic patient experience might be looked at in three segments. There is stress and anxiety associated with being away from home in a strange environment. There is pain associated with blood draws, catheter placements, and surgical procedures. And there is the foundational issue of patient safety: to survive the event without any negative consequences

Stress and anxiety can be moderated by sedative medications. Pain relief is tightly bonded to this issue too as pain increases patient stress and anxiety. Patient comfort requires proper use of analgesic medications.

The videos included on this website are intended to create some understanding of how various drugs and combinations impact both feline and canine patients. Of particular note is the significant impact of (dex)medetomidine combinations at doses that are a small fraction of the box label dose.

Preanesthetic & Procedural Sedation Videos Canine & Feline Intratesticular Block Videos Feline Neuter Under Sedation & Local Anesthesia Videos

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