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  Preanesthetic/Procedural Sedation Videos
  Morphine + Acepromazine
10 month old male Labrador Retriever before premeds.  1.0 mg/kg morphine with 0.020 mg/kg acepromazine IM. This is a video; he is just really relaxed right now.
Induced with 0.4 mg/kg diazepam followed by 0.1 mg/kg hydromorphone IV. Note the comfortable time available for proper ET tube size assessment without the patient becoming excessively light. At recovery, after titrating opioid influence using 0.1 mg/kg nalbuphine IV.
    Intra-op SAPs ranged from 95 - 130 mmHg with heart rate ranging from 75 - 85 bpm. No anticholinergices were administered. IV fluids were supplied at 10 ml/kg/hr containing ketamine delivered at a constant rate infusion (CRI) of 0.6 mg/kg/hr.

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