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  Butorphanol + Acepromazine
3 kittens, 3 premed protocols. One had 0.1 mg/kg hydromorphone with 0.015 mg/kg medetomidine, one had 0.2 mg/kg butorphanol with 0.015 mg/kg medetomidine, and one had 0.2 mg/kg butorphanol with 0.06 mg/kg acepromazine. Guess which was the butorphanol/acepromazine kitten. All had doppler SAPs of 100 to 110 mmHg.   Catheterizing the 0.2 mg/kg butorphanol 0.06 mg/kg acepromazine kitten. This patient is more likely to develop adverse associations with the facility compared to patients given more effective sedative/analgesic combinations.

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