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  Anesthesia Certification Program Survey

Despite the availability of many entry level certification level programs in veterinary medicine (CVA, CVPP, CCRP. CCRT, CCRA, etc), there are no similar entry level anesthesia related credentialing programs available for veterinarians and licensed technicians at this time.

There are, of course, well established and very well known highly rigorous specialist level programs offered by the ACVAA, ECVAA, and the VTS-Anesthesia organizations. Clearly, members of these organizations represent the best of the best that the veterinary profession has to offer the animal owning public with respect to anesthesia and perioperative pain management.

Unfortunately, the ACVAA, ECVAA, and the VTS-Anesthesia programs are not practically available to the veterinarians and technicians that provide the vast majority of the veterinary anesthetic events performed on a daily basis across the globe.

Within the current private practice landscape there is a very wide gap between the level of anesthesia and perioperative pain management practiced in the less evolved facilities and those facilities staffed by veterinarians and technicians that have made a personal commitment to provide a very high quality anesthetic and perioperative pain management patient experience. The pet owning public has no idea that the spectrum is as broad as it is.

The VASG is considering the development of a credentialing process that helps to recognize those individuals outside of the ACVAA, ECVAA, and the VTS-Anesthesia organizations that have made a commitment to advanced anesthetic and perioperative pain management principles. We believe that this process could help educate the pet owning public about the choices that they have as they make decisions about where they have the life-critical process of anesthesia performed (including the choice of traveling to a facility staffed by a ACVAA, ECVAA, or VTS-Anesthesia member).

We would also hope that the identification of practitioners with higher anesthetic and perioperative pain management standards will provide additional motivation for our less motivated colleagues to bring their programs in step with the times; to lend further weight to the sound advice currently provided by the ACVA, ECVAA, and the VTS-Anesthesia organizations.

Would you be interested in pursuing a certification level Small Animal Anesthesia credentialing program if the VASG offered such a program? We need to have an idea of the interest in an anesthesia related certification program before we devote the energy required to launch this kind of effort. Please enter your information below if you are interested in having the VASG develop an anesthesia certification program.

You will not receive a direct response to your survery submission but your information will be on file for future reference if we reach the deployment phase.

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Thank you!

Dr. Bob Stein
Executive Director


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