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  Preanesthetic/Procedural Sedation Videos
  Buprenorphine + (Dex)Medetomidine + Midazolam
Prior to premeds 10 minutes post epaxial IM injection
20 minutes post epaxial IM injection 2 hours post recovery (14 Sx extractions)

8 year old M/N DSH with history of being reasonably nice but potentially quite reactive when stressed. He was given 0.040 mg/kg buprenorphine, 0.2 mg/kg midazolam, and 0.008 mg/kg medetomidine combined in one syringe, given IM in the epaxial muscle group. Due to extensive FORL related disease he had 14 surgical extractions performed (9 major teeth). Local blocks (lidocaine/bupivacaine/morphine) were placed. In the postop video he is, in fact, rubbing against the cage door and purring.

SAPs ranged from 110 to 140 mmHg (Doppler) with heart rate range from 100 to 115 BPM. ETCO2 range: 38 to 52 mmHg. Recovery was smooth an uneventful. Postop temperature after the 3 hour event was 98.0 F.


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