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    Effective Patient Warmers

Bob Stein

April 2011


If you are truly interested in the best possible patient outcomes, both comfort and safety, you need to provide effective core body temperature support.

Your choices include the long line of Bair Huggers, Mallinkordt/Nellcor/Puritan-Bennett WarmTouch units, Gaymar Thermacare, and the HotDog® system.

Warm water blankets and rigid thermostatically controlled pads may be safe but thet are relatively ineffective.

Warm water in a bottle or glove may be safe IF the water temperature is carefully monitored; if too hot, they can burn; as they cool they become heat sinks harming rather than helping the patient.

In rustic settings, reflective "space" blankets and bubble wrap can be used to cover patient body parts.

Simplistic electric bankets and microwaved rice and oat bags are dangerous and not recommended in any shape or form.

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